Sunday, November 22, 2009

chandrasekhar in Jaihind TV's Srishti cultural roundup


പെഴ! said...

നേരമൊണ്ടേല്‍ ഇതുവഴിയൊന്നു പോയേര്. സാറിന്‍റെ പഴയൊരു പോസ്റ്റിനൊള്ള മറുപടിയാന്നേ.

A.Chandrasekhar said...

read your reply post. good. congrats.
I am not a person to criticise a person who criticise me. I believe that if I can criticise others, I am also to be criticised. Am not invulnerable,Not beyond criticism. But what I have expressed is my viewpoint. If it created a difference opion in you, that created another school of thought, I think I have succeeded in my goal. I welcome all your criticisms in its sportsman spirit. Thank you