Sunday, November 02, 2008

Deffending a Movie

Again I am to write something about the movie Thalappavu and the sincere effort that its Director Madhupal took in realising his dream. In fact this is in response to the cut throat criticisms that appeared on the movie in Malayalam weekly a couple of weeks ago. The reason why I defend this film maker is that as a sincere film buff I think that it is my duty to stand up for a movie that I am fully convinced to be a good and sensible one.

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Joy Mathew said...

after reading your lines Iam eagerly to watch the movie,thalappave.beacause Madhupal is not only my frined but he is a quite sensible one in the wretched Malayalm Film Industry.....but in this desert its difficult to get a chance to watch the movie,but heard that the effort Madhupal taken for this film must be appreciated.success is secondary...effort ....that is what I do appriciate