Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time-tested frames

Journalist and critic A Chandrasekhar's new book offers a profound insight into the part-tyrannical, part-romantic hold of time on filmmakers

The best feature of the book "When time ticks in the shores of Consciousness" is the pain undertaken by the author to patiently dissect a number of major films and identify the influence of time in the realisation of a film project. Comparisons linking the master cinematographers and the present day realities in television and cinema are beautifully woven into the book. Like the subject it handles, the book offers a little complex reading. But with a right mix of film, television, Fm radio and extract from screen plays the author tries to ease the effort of the reader.

The New Indian Express, Expresso suppliment, Thiruvananthapuram, Wednesday, the 20th August 2008, Page 4

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