Saturday, November 19, 2005

Good Old Memoirs

Ace Filmmaker Sri. Adoor Gopalakrishnan releases my first book Nirabhedangalil Swapnam Neyyunnavar at Kottayam Press Club in 1998 by giving the first copy to Mr.Thomas Jacob, then Associate Editor, Malayala Manorama. Eminent critic Mr.M.F Thomas, Writer and then Chief News, Malayala Manorama, Mr.Jose Panachippyuram, A.Chandrasekhar also in frame


Rajeev Puthenpurackal Sunil Kumar said...

Sir, what may be the real differences between the malayalam movies and the national streams hindi movies? i mean, it in acontext that many films like rang de basanti could swarm up middle class indians into the streets who beg and demand for justice in the jessica lall murder and all that. why why the film makers couldn't do something beyond their tongue?

A.Chandrasekhar said...

To be frank, a film maker should not necessarily be an activist. I firmly believe that any artist's commitment towards the society is his/her commitment towards their work of art This will in turn be reflected in the society as responses and reactions.It is not true that an artist should always shout slogans to catch attention. Anant Patwardhan's short films or K.A.Abbas' movies did create an impact and got banned, not because they were activists...but their work of art is that much effective and sharp.